All Aboard the Mid-South Live Steamers: Columbia’s Train Enthusiast Haven

Railway Enthusiast Paradise:

Mid-South Live Steamers, nestled in Columbia, TN, is a haven for train enthusiasts of all ages. Founded by a group of dedicated railway hobbyists, this volunteer-run organization boasts a fascinating collection of miniature steam, diesel, and electric trains that captivate visitors with their authenticity and craftsmanship. Information can be found here.

Steam-Powered Rides:

One of the main attractions at Mid-South Live Steamers is the opportunity for visitors to ride on the miniature steam trains that chug along the tracks throughout the park. Passengers can experience the nostalgia and thrill of steam locomotion as they traverse the scenic landscapes of the park, providing a memorable and immersive experience for train enthusiasts and families alike. See here for information about Exploring Nature and Recreation: Chickasaw Trace Park in Columbia, TN.

Educational Opportunities:

Mid-South Live Steamers also offers educational programs and workshops that delve into the history and mechanics of steam-powered locomotion. Visitors can learn about the engineering principles behind steam engines, the evolution of railway technology, and the role of trains in shaping the history of transportation.

Community Engagement:

Beyond its educational offerings, Mid-South Live Steamers serves as a gathering place for railway enthusiasts and community members to share their passion for trains. The organization hosts regular events, open houses, and train rides, fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for railroading’s rich heritage.